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  • Lowest Policy Rates

    To compare car insurance we provide multiple quotes from various companies with 3 coverage options for you to choose the lowest rates from.

    Nation Wide Coverage

    From Vancouver to St. John we have you covered during an accident, no fault damage, vandalism, fire and theft. Ask the Agents for more Information.

    Amazing Service

    No matter what your life style, we accomadate you within a policy because we know your safety is a top priority.

  • New Driver Support

    Most companies give you astronomical rates but we find companies that welcome you and give you discounts because you are starting with them.

    Multiple Policy Discount

    Need a bigger discount then put your home and life insurance policy with the same company. Again Ask the Agent for more Information.

    Reliable Customer Service

    Accidents happen at any time and any where. We are always on the line to help you regarding any problems and walk you step by step.

Compare Car Insurance

When trying to find the right insurance company with the right policy for your life; numerous phone calls have to be made and numerous quotes have to be filled online or over the phone. Here at compare Ontario car insurance we provide you a one stop service. You fill one quote and we send the quote to multiple companies many of which are listed at the end of the page. The quote is submitted and returned then the lowest quotes are presented to you with three options for you to choose from. We understand your lifestyle is different and that your vehicle is different than anyone else. You can get one way coverage or full coverage with $500 or $1000 deductible. More information here.

Optional coverage within insurance policies range between basic collision and comprehensive coverage which provide protection for the insured in an at-fault accident. There are also Usage Based Insurance where by your premium is based on the way you drive and the number of accidents or tickets you have. Mostly good drivers will get discounts, insurance rates will reflect current driving habits, recording of driving habits could encourage better drivers and accident investigation could be easier. The drawbacks are systems are expensive to implement, concerns over privacy, interpretation of information could be an issue but overall drivers have seen a decrease in their Toronto insurance rates. Weather you get the regular insurance with optional premiums or the usage based insurance. The first step is always to compare Ontario car insurance.

Find Cheap Car Insurance Quote Today

  • Best Price You get the best price when you compare car insurance because we offer you multiple options. We Guarantee to save you money!
  • Great Rates Compare insurance and low prices that come in one package. Many insurance provider provide a single rate while we gather information from dozens of insurers to find the best coverage for you.
  • Best Service Tired of lack of service? Many people are that is why You’ll get the best in customer service from your insurer by calling them directly and speaking with them. We provide you with the number to get into contact with them.
  • Fast and Simpe Quotes Never been easier to fill out a simple form to get multiple quotes online.
  • New Driver Support We encourage new drivers with great rates and great service at every turn
  • Multiple policy Discount Add other policies such as home and business to continue the discounts.

A Fast, Free and Easy Way to get Cheap Car Insurance Quote

In Canada, every province has its own rules and regulations for car insurance and coverage. Every province is responsible for determining what coverage is mandatory and what is optional. It is required in every province that all drivers carry a minimum amount of liability insurance coverage. This protects against damage to your car and another drivers vehicle and property. Optional protection is collision protection or comprehensive coverage. Learning to compare car insurance is not difficult but it is time consuming as every company uses different algorithms to calculate your rate. Shopping or to compare car insurance and obtaining it may be scary at first but it is a step by step process. You provide information on about your self, your vehicle and your history and they decide what your coverage rate will be. Cheap Toronto car insurance is found through hours of research and the process mentioned above. Click here for more info.

Learn How To Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

The hard way is to call each insurance company and get the rate for basic and optional coverage rates. Then you can compare each one to insure you find the cheapest car insurance quote. The easier way is fill out a quote on our site and we do all the hard work within seconds to give you the ability to compare car insurance. Some of the options include the Mandatory; Third Party Liability and Accident Benefits. Physical Damage includes collision and comprehensive. Some insurance companies offer Accident Forgiveness whereby your rates do not increase upon your first at-fault accident claim if you stay with the same company.

Many insurance companies provide you with discounts when you combine different insurance policies such as car and life. They offer your discounts on multiple vehicle and if you are an experienced driver. If your employer offers your a discount rate then it will be under group insurance. In Ontario retirees over 65 receive a special discount. A few Ontario insurance companies provide you with a discount when you renew with them or insure a New Vehicle with them. A few companies offer discounts to student and alumni while all offer discounts based on your anti-theft device on your vehicle. Using all these discounts and coverage options one is able to compare car insurance quotes and rates online or over the phone.

Q. Will my insurance coverage be higher if I am sharing a car with another driver?

A. Every person’s life is different. Many factors help with your rate such as age, driver record and living area, there will be little to maximum charge for the additional driver. Call your insurance company after filling out your cheap car insurance quote to get what the most effective rate would be to add an additional driver would have to your policy.

Q. Is it better to have a  higher liability limits with our insurance policies?

A. The liability limit should be no higher than 50% of the value to a maximum of $3000.

Q. Renting a car while on vacation. Does my car insurance policy cover my rental?

A. Talk with your representative insurance broker in advance prior to renting a vehicle. In many cases, your rental would be covered.

Q. Will a comprehensive claim affect my car insurance?

A. It could affect your premium but your comprehensive claim will not be affected. More than one may affect your rate as well. Or, a higher deductible will be asked by your insurance company, or they may not offer this coverage or cancel your insurance coverage or policy altogether over numerous claims. These include theft, vandalism or glass damage.

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